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See more ideas about Us championship, Wwe, Wwe championship belts. Based on a design used over the years for other titles such as the NWA Television title and the AWA Tag Team titles, the new WWF title was labelled the ‘Hogan 84’. The WWE Intercontinental Championship is a professional wrestling championship created and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE.. Etymology Edit. The WWE United States Championship is currently the quaternary title in the company, behind the Intercontinental as the tertiary championship, and World Heavyweight being the secondary championship. History of the WWE Championship: photos. > View Championship Collaborations. The historical lineage of the WWE Intercontinental championship, including every superstar to hold the title, the length of their reign and the event in which they won the title. Hand-crafted leather, custom created to suit your needs. When Cody Rhodes won the championship for the first time in 2011, he proudly presented a throwback to the classic Intercontinental belt as the new current design. Andrew Pollard Contributor. Possibly, but I'm just talking about the Designs for the WWE World Championship belts. Rock Leather Designs - Championship Belts, Guitar Straps, Custom Leather Goods, Personalized Gifts, Wallets, Keychains, Hand Made, Unique, ... Releathered Intercontinental Championship Shooting Star Guitar Strap. The WWE version of the United States Championship was introduced in 2003 That would be Shinsuke Nakamura. > View Custom Belt Photos. $14.90 shipping. Chart the evolution of the WWE Championship in this photo gallery of the title's many variations. FIGURES TOY CO WWE OVAL INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP REPLICA BELT - KID’S SIZED. Check out the new belt and get a closer look! In 1985, the championship belt design changed, the centerplate now centered on the Atlantic Ocean, in a map including western … Facebook. Wwe Championship Belts A lot of folks asked on social media what would prompt the WWE to make a change for a title that is many fan’s favorite main roster design. Tonight on SmackDown, a new WWE Intercontinental Championship design was revealed by Sami Zayn. The Intercontinental Championship has been called the second most important championship in the company, after the WWE Championship. Championship Design The shortest reign goes to Titus O'Neil, holding it for only 7 days. But when I saw it I friggin' loved the new design. *Production time for custom championship belts 1.0 is 4-5 business days after approval of design . (Hopefully this doesn’t get removed) 4 comments. WWE introduced a new design for the Intercontinental Championship last year and latest reports suggest the company might be planning to shake up the design of another title. A new design for the WWE Intercontinental Championship title belt was unveiled by Sami Zayn on this week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown. The current design of the Intercontinental Championship dates back to 1988 (with a similar one in 1986), before being retired in 1998, and reintroduced by Cody Rhodes in 2011. On May 31, 2015, the championship was contested for in an Elimination Chamber match for the first time. By Connor Casey - November 24, 2019 01:26 pm EST. Free shipping on many items ... WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP BELT 2019 2020 NEW DESIGN TOY REPLICA. On August 18, 2014, the Intercontinental Championship belt design (along with all of the other championships in WWE) was updated with the new logo in place of the long-standing scratch logo. Leather Services. The Intercontinental Title recently had a makeover of it's design, now featuring a black strap and unique plates for the Championship. MN Belts has teamed up with Dave Millican Championship Belts. So I decided to leave this choice to reddit. Which Intercontinental Championship design should I use? Since RAW is on USA Network, we likely won't be seeing a new design for the United States Championship. Custom logos, event titles and themes are all possible. 14 watching. The now-former design was a re-hash of the 1980's design. A+++++ - francisb528. Cody Rhodes Responds to WWE's New Intercontinental Championship Design. The Intercontinental Championship is how it's always looked, it's a classic everyone recognizes it, but when they redesigned it I was surprised. Twitter. The term "intercontinental" in the title originally referred to North and South America. There has been some rumbling from the last week that WWE will be changing the look of … I miss the world tag team and WWE tag team belts. Hazardf5 245,104 views. Pat Patterson 1st Champion (September 15, 1979 - April 21, 1980) Ken Patera 2nd Champion (April 21, 1980 - December 8, 1980) Build your own fully custom championship belt! Adjustable waistline to fit kids of all ages . Simply send us your images/design for each plate and we'll engrave it onto a championship belt for you! 11:42. WWE Intercontinental Championship (2002 - 2011) Cody Rhodes Intercontinental Title (2011) WWE Intercontinental Title (2011 - 2014) WWE Intercontinental Title (2014 - 2019) Early Champions. Whether your needs are 1 belt, 5 belts or HUNDREDS of belts, Wildcat Championship Belts can provide you with quality awards or merchandise for any event, employee, company or product. Feb 4, 2020 - Explore Morgan E. Thompson's board "NEW WWE IC AND US CHAMPIONSHIP 'S", followed by 171 people on Pinterest. Feb 25, 2019 - Intercontinental or International Championship design choice. It has a similar feel to the Women’s Tag Team Titles and several people on social media compared it to the 24/7 Championship. Top quality championship belts for any promotion or event. Depending on who you ask, the 'Spinner Belt' version of the WWE Championship is either an iconic representation of John Cena's main event era or the worst design WWE has ever used on a championship. A perfect compliment to my Strat build! Legend has it the Big Green was thrown in a trash dumpster outside an arena the day the new title was given to Hogan. The title featured this same design from the late '80s until the Attitude Era. The only person who's a bigger stud than Sami Zayn, according to Sami Zayn? [UM] I was originally going to make this a poll but they are banned. If you would like to see pictures of the new design… Intercontinental Championship Triple H Kane Posted On: 28 th Nov 2020 Contributor. The Intercontinental Championship is seen as a Midcard championship in the ProJaked universe. Collaborations. $49.99. Wildcat can create artwork from concept to completion, or pattern a design based on your specifications. It was brought back by Cody Rhodes in 2011. WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BELT (2019) MATTEL BRAND REPLICATION NEWEST DESIGN "Take home the excitement of this authentically-styled WWE live action Intercontinental Championship Belt, just like the ones worn by your favorite WWE Superstars!" New WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Belt Sami Zayn has presented the brand new WWE Intercontinental Championship title belt to the current champion Shinsuke Nakamura at SmackDown last night. Beautiful custom product! > View Custom Leather Photos. WWE gave one of its most prestigious titles a makeover on Friday, as Sami Zayn revealed a new Intercontinental Championship and presented the belt to … It was long-rumored that WWE planned to change the Intercontinental Championship… Like the Intercontinental Championship, its longevity is a clear statement of its excellence. Large, authentically-styled medallion History of the Intercontinental Championship Belt - Duration: 11:42. The design of the new championship belt is on a black strap with the words Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion on the front, two globe designs on the sides of the front plate and custom side plates for Nakamura. The belt was awarded to Cody Rhodes in the debut episode of Smackdown on 11th September 2013. As a gift to Shinsuke Nakamura for being so studly, Zayn presented the current Intercontinental Champion with the new design. Get the best deals on Wwe Intercontinental Belt when you shop the largest online selection at Between 1997 and 2011, when the Attitude Era version of the Intercontinental Championship was active, WWE was often criticised for forgetting about the prestige of the title. I like the new intercontinental belt design but I do miss the old one. It is currently held& defended on the Smackdown brand. Share 0 Comments. It has been active in WWE for the second longest period, but is the third oldest active title, behind the WWE Championship (1963) and the United States Championship (1975), the latter of which was acquired from World Championship Wrestling (WCW) … Anyways, I love both the White Strap & Oval Plate designs equally, making it very hard choosing one for Universe Mode. The belts today are all the same except for the US and I.C. The title fits the new look of a lot of the most recent titles released by WWE.

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