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Interesting fact: During the construction of the Baths of Diocletian, thousands of Christian slaves died, while the Emeror Diocletian died in 305 because he was too tired and ill. Also be sure to visit our sister company STEFANO ROME TOURS for a wide variety of interesting cultural tours to amazing places. 17, (1940), pp. . Moreover, the name of Circo Massimo comes from the Latin Circus Maximus, where one of the meanings of the word “circus” is a hippodrome, a place for horse contests. Here, the second name of the stadium is Agons arena and Navona Square got its name thanks to this term. It’s a big museum, a living room that shall be crossed on one’s toes.” Thanks to the University of Reading’s course ‘ Rome: A Virtual Tour of the Ancient City ’ you can now traverse the famous city on your fingertips alone – and learn about its rich history in the process. The Forum, Rome. Via della Casa dei Diana - located in a residential part of the ancient city, this street is lined with insulae – large blocks of multi level apartment buildings that housed commercial businesses at the ground floor, and living quarters above. There are three of the largest and most important catacombs in Rome: San Callisto, San Sebastiano and Santa Domitilla. Unlike the famous Roman amphitheater known as the Colosseum that was built of stone, this ancient amphitheater was entirely carved right into the local tuffa rock, much like how the Etruscans created many of their tombs by carving them entirely from the living rock. Nowadays the Pyramid of Cestius located right near metro station “Piramide”. TOUR THAT INCLUDES A VISIT TO ANCIENT APPIAN WAY: 7 Top Ancient Roman, Etruscan Sites to Visit from Rome – Park of Aqueducts – RomeCabs. The last race in the Circus Maximus was held in 549 AD, during the reign of Emperor Totila. Some of the many interesting things in Italy that draws millions of visitors each year … Moreover, it is an embodiment of greatness of the Roman Empire. Rome was the center of the Roman empire and is well-known for its ancient Roman sites such as the Roman Colosseum, one of Italy’s most visited monuments. It was built in the year of his death, in 12 B.C. 7 Top Ancient Roman, Etruscan Sites to Visit from Rome Date 2019.11.16 by romecabs in Day Tours from Rome, Rome, Sightseeing. Currently, Ostia Antica is a large archaeological park similar to Pompeii, with incredibly preserved ancient Roman city that you can walk through, explore, and gives you a rare glimpse into ancient Roman city life. Many of the scenes depicted on the walls of the tomb interiors are of Etruscans (usually among them the deceased who once occupied the tomb), giving us a rare glimpse into the life of this ancient mysterious civilization. favorite, RomeCabs The latest The Romecabs Daily! Lastly, the name of the place was simplified to “navona”. The Theater of Marcellus (Teatro di Marcello) is a structure which construction was started by Julius Caesar. Moreover, it is considered as the world’s first shopping mall. - [Steven] When you walk through Rome now, this city that is so layered with history it's sometimes difficult to reconstruct in your mind how these ancient monuments fit together. TOURS THAT INCLUDE BANDITACCIA ETRUSCAN NECROPOLIS: A former prominent ancient Etruscan city state known in ancient times as Tarchuna by the Etruscans and Tarquinii by the Romans. Both ancient civilizations have left their marks throughout Italy, but not nearly as much as in Central Italy where the Etruscans settled and Rome was “caput mundi” – “capital of the [ancient] world”. It consists of the entrance which leads to the atrium (open-roofed entrance hall) with impluvium (the square basin in the centre of the atrium, which received rainwater from an opening in the roof) surrounded by private rooms. As the Etruscan civilization advanced from their beginnings in Villanovan period of 9th century BC to around 4th-5th centuries BC so did the complexity of their burial sites. The house was excavated in the years 1871-72. Today, Pompeii is one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites. Interesting fact: In summer 2014, a concert of the legendary music band Rolling Stones during their world tour took place on the Circus Maximus, which brought together 65,000 rock fans. Located outside of the current medieval town of Sutri literally on the side of the main road, is the ancient  2nd-1st century BC elliptical amphitheater approximately 49 by 40 meters with three rows of bleachers.//

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